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Lopperman rocks.

2010-08-29 19:36:24 by Cisetam

Yeah it does.


2010-08-08 13:06:11 by Cisetam

Well from now on will be submitting any and all ideas that come to life on FL. I think that if I just submit everything I create that eventually I will get better at this. Well comment any and all songs, let me know how I'm doing!


2009-05-17 21:53:09 by Cisetam

Yeah so Im pretty bored here guys i need some inspiration for a new track an idea perhaps so let me know =P


2008-07-07 02:17:35 by Cisetam

k guys i am preparing to get serious. along with a couple of friends i am upping my game and starting a whole new submissions will be at my top quality of course this means later submission dates however they will be at my best

Project N-X-I

2008-06-02 15:32:11 by Cisetam

For anyone following Project N-X-I sorry some stuff came up in my life and i stopped production due to lack of help...people are lazy that is pretty much it on the other hand I obtained FL Studio 8 and i am starting to submit upon every completion...i wouldnt expect the first few to be any good though.

Project: N-X-I, Character reveal

2007-10-19 08:34:41 by Cisetam

Ok second character reveal (and its in depth). So who is it? Cise Trisbly!

Name: Cise Trisbly
Sex: Male
Hometown: Iceis
Weapon: Eephystic Battle Cleaver
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Skin Color: Tan/White
Personality: Serious/Comical
Occupation: Blacksmith Apprentice/Son

So far that seems to be the most in depth character we have created and thanks for reading!


Project: N-X-I

2007-10-18 16:05:12 by Cisetam

Okay first peek at Eephystica. We have decided to release a character name, however its not going to be told which character but an important one. Nixi Itto. A female character and aside from that we dont have anything else to show but keep reading...(those who read this thank you).



2007-10-17 16:49:02 by Cisetam

Ok update time. Lately I have been having trouble obtaining any flash creation tools at all, but, in the mean time I have opened possible affiliations and also developed my first flash as well as my productions title: C-TIF. Cisetam-Taking It Further Productions. Right now the first flash is labeled as Project: N-X-I, but, the title selected is Eephystica. Later postings will show peeks about the storyline, characters, and also upcoming projects. If you have any tips on flash creation I would greatly appreciate it because like I said before this is my FIRST solo flash project. Thank you.


Still working on things

2007-10-14 21:58:05 by Cisetam

Okay I have someone getting me flash tools and I am going to incorporate many of the audio tracks I have found into my flashes. When I get the newest flash creation tools I will post again letting everyone know of my latest creations and such. If anyone has tips on incorporation of audio and drawing tips let me know please I appreciate it.

Cj getting it going.

2007-10-11 23:14:42 by Cisetam

As of right now i am busy learning basic flash creating techniques and i am also working on getting some flash creation tools. Other than that I am a voice actor, story board co-leader, and musical contributions person (or whatever you want to call it). Tips help me out. Thanks.